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Race Shuttle 3
Race Shuttle 3 - Enclosed, aerodynamic shape improves towing fuel consumption.
Race Shuttle 3 - Tilt-bed with Tyre rack, Fuel store station and work bench.
Race Shuttle 3.
Race Shuttle 3 - Tyre rack + Fuel storage station and work bench.
Race Shuttle 3 - Loading ramps stored internally, slide easily under the vehicle.
Race Shuttle 3 - has several internal load fixing points for all vehicle sizes.
Race Shuttle 3.
Race Shuttle 3 - long ramps and excellent access make for fast loading of any vehicle.
Race Shuttle 3 - Fully enclosed solution for mid sized vehicles.
Race Shuttle 3 - loading a Ferrari 360.
Race Shuttle 3 - Can accommodate a wide range of race and saloon cars.
Race Shuttle 3 - Locking stainless steel door lock for added security.
Race Shuttle 3 - Tilt-bed flexible loading of even the lowest ride height vehicles.
Race Shuttle 3 - Single piece clam shell body with gas spring assistance opening.
Race Shuttle 3 range from Brian James Trailers, +44 (0)1327 308833
Race Shuttle 3 from Brian James Trailers.

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Race Shuttle 3

Medium saloon type cars are easily accommodated within in the carefully designed RS3 aerodynamic body form. Ideal for safe, easy and damage free transportation of race and rally cars. Unique and innovative design is found throughout the RS3, for example the one piece body lifts high to reveal a loading platform similar to that of an open trailer. Loading, securing and closing the trailer ready for transport takes only minutes, hence its real popularity with many of today's top rally-sport teams. The unique operation provides excellent access into the trailer for vehicle strapping, with the top then pulled and locked down to completely enclose the car within.

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