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CarGO Tipper range from £2,479.
CarGO Tipper - Advanced design and class leading technologies enhance operation.
CarGO Tipper - Build quality you can depend on, 5 year chassis warranty.
CarGO Tipper - Fully electric hydraulic tiltbed operation is remote controlled.
CarGO Tipper - 60 degree tip angle, tough durable and low friction bed surface.
CarGO Tipper - Tri-axle models are a popular choice providing extra stability
CarGO Tipper - Aluminium and steel sides are fully removable for easy access.
CarGO Tipper - 2.0m or 2.3m high grip punched ramps available.
CarGO Tipper - Ramps can be positioned individually for side or rear loading.
CarGO Tipper - Easy glide ramps store conveniently under bed
CarGO Tipper - Rear kick down stands provide support for loading.
CarGO Tipper - Top hinged tail board can be removed if required.
CarGO Tipper - Unique retaining lock system for quick tail board removal.
CarGO Tipper - Side hinged rear doors fold back for bulky loads.
CarGO Tipper - Side hinged rear doors heavy duty latch system.
CarGO Tipper - Auto-LOCK advanced closing system supplied with aluminium sides.
CarGO Tipper - Spare wheel, storage box and HD Jockey wheel.
CarGO Tipper - Lockable storage box is ideal for keeping remote control and straps.
CarGO Tipper - Available in a choice of size and configurations.
CarGo Tipper - with double height 0.64m aluminium side extensions.
CarGO Tipper range from Brian James Trailers, +44 (0)1327 308833.

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CarGO Tipper

CarGO Tipper is a versatile trailer, capable of transporting heavy bulk materials, large machinery, or even low ground clearance mowers among hundreds of other applications. Sharing the same core strengths as the rest of the Brian James Trailer range, the CarGO Tipper is equally at home on motorways, byways or backroads. The product range is all electric operation with remote control as standard. The range includes options and accessories allowing you to specify your trailer to suit the job at hand. Every detail of the new CarGO Tipper trailer operation has been given considerable attention, leading to the design being widely acclaimed as one of the very best in Europe. Our automatic locking aluminium drop sides (available on all sizes) are not only the toughest, but also the easiest to use.

From £3,019
CarGO Tipper brochure 2016.
CarGO Tipper price list
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