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CarGO All Plant Tiltbed
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Perfect for low, heavy and difficult plant machinery.
CarGo All Plant Tiltbed - Powerful double action hydraulic pump and ram.
CarGo All Plant Tiltbed - Low and light galvanised chassis has a 5 year warranty.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Difficult machines transported with ease.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Mudguards and side steps provide easy and safe access.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Mudguards are fully integrated into chassis for durability.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Gas spring assisted tail panel for ease of operation.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Optional twin ramp 'Knife edge' loading rear panel.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Adjustable punched ramps are standard across the range.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Tiltbed chassis provides extremely low loading angles.
CarGo All Plant Tiltbed - Traditionally difficult machines are easily transported.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - ACME Thread clamps lock the tail ramp into position.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Machine stop bar provides a reliable stop for all machinery.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Spare wheel mounted externally on chassis side.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Auto retractable Jockey wheel with anti vibration lock.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Safety locking pin, locks the bed in position for travel.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Tie down straps available for secure fastening of machinery.
CarGo All Plant Tiltbed - Front markers, Fully EEC type approved trailer lighting.
CarGo All Plant Tiltbed - Rubber mounted rear marker lights.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed - Robust protection to rear lamp clusters.
CarGO All Plant Tiltbed range from Brian James Trailers, +44 (0)1327 308833.

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CarGo All Plant Tilt Bed

Successful plant and machinery transportation is all about having the right trailer for the job. When there are a variety of machines or applications to cater for the brand new Brian James Trailers CarGO All Plant Tilt bed range is the right solution. The robust and durable design is obvious at first sight and once in use, so is the depth of expertise in the chassis setup and design detail. Everyday functionality has been included all as standard, along with a range of useful optional equipment, such as mesh side extensions or a ladder rack. As standard each CarGO All Plant Tilt bed is equipped with a spare wheel and front bucket rest. Multiple tie-down options are also standard, including internal and external eyes and a coupling hitch lock (integral) ensures security is well catered for.

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